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over 1 year ago

New Storage Cluster - Storage Buckets

Our new storage cluster is live and being used for new backups. This object storage is S3 compatible and based on Ceph( We are working on moving existing backups in the next 1-2 days.

This storage system will allow help us with the following features in the next few days.
  • Allow access to storage buckets using any tool which supports S3.  
  • Push backups to BackupSheep storage buckets. 
  • Create new buckets from the dashboard and assign storage buckets to nodes.
This storage cluster is hosted in Falkenstein, Germany with hosting partner Hetzner. It's configured in a way(Erasure Code Pools with 4-2 profile) that cluster can continue operating with the loss of multiple drives or servers.

Read more about Erasure Code Pools here