New Improved
9 months ago

WordPress Plugin v1.3

We want to thank you for all the amazing feedback from our users who are using our WordPress plugin. We have made several enhancements and added a few new features as well.

Download WordPress plugin:

  • You can select what to include in WordPress Node backup. Options are Full (Database + Files), Only Database or Only Files
  • Clear backup history in WordPress so you don't see a list of backups which were deleted. 
  • Added dynamic timestamp in URL to avoid cache. However, this may not work everywhere so please see the important notes below.

Important Notes:
  • If Cloudflare or Stackpath or any WordPress firewall plugin then add our endpoint IPs so requests from BackupSheep are not blocked as bots.
  • If you are using Cloudflare or Stackpath or any WordPress caching plugin then exclude /?rest_route=/backupsheep/updraftplus from any caching. 

You can choose what's included in backup on the node modify page of the WordPress node.